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About Us

Two travelers embarked on a journey around the world, in search of a place that would nourish not only their palates, but their hungry souls, too. They wanted more than exquisite food, they needed a place to escape to, to wash away the day, relax and reinvigorate, and experience the delight of new adventures mixing with the comfort of familiar faces. Where could they find both novelty and nostalgia, ambiance and amicability, flavors that felt both familiar and foreign?
Inspired by the cultures and cuisine of the Pacific Islands and East Asia, these adventurers made their way back home to New Mexico to create a place where one could feel far away without having to go far at all. Founded in 2002, Jinja Bar & Bistro has been a pocket of vintage-style paradise for both vacationers and staycationers alike of Santa Fe and New Mexico for twenty years.

We invite you to visit. Stay as long as you like.

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